Patty’s Fund Trainee to U.S – A brazilian girl with an amazing opportunity, but with a big challenge

IMG_20150810_021357Hi, my name is Patricia Figueiro (Yes I am SendoWanderlust) from Porto Alegre,Brazil and I’m here to fundraise for a once-in-a-lifetime trainee program that will be in Palm Beach, Florida.

I hope you can help me! so even you may not help me in a financial way, you can simply spreading the message around, it would be really appreciated!

Every little bit will help!! It is hard for me to ask for help but today I must. I am so enthused by this trainee opportunity, which is a Hospitality Management Trainee in Frenchman’s Creek locate in Palm Beach, Florida.  Specially to a Brazilian woman that finished her graduate in Hospitality and have been in Ireland to study Hospitality Management and to do the IELTS (avaluation 8,0) as well, this trainee came as a dream!!  I like everyone, believe that the dream can come true if you really wish and do your best to get.

Not only will I have the chance to do meaningful and fascinating work, this will be a great way for me to explore a new city and really develop my professional skills.


Because my family and I are not in the position to cover my costs, the only way for me to do this is to ask for help with my visa to US because I’m Brazilian and I need to have the J-1 and travel costs from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Palm Beach, Florida and back. I will be in Florida for a year , but  my estimate of what I need to cover is roughly $2500, because the great thing is that the Country Club cover the rent and I will have my basic salary.

Friends and family and even strangers have really helped me to heal and move on with my life and words of thanks are not enough. I am grateful for every moment of life I have.

Whatever you can do to help my experience in this exciting dream in this next chapter of my life would be so much appreciated.

Donate here!
Donate here!

Thank you for your support. It means more than you can imagine.


Patricia Figueiro (SendoWanderlust)

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